Xinjiang Safflower Tea


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Brewing difficulty: Easy.
Best season to taste: Winter.
Origin: Xinjiang, China.
Shape: long and thin tube, color of red or yellow.
Liquid: gold yellow.
Aroma: with a specific aroma.
Taste: slightly bitter.
Brewed tea leaves: color is bright, not fade.
Water temperature: freshly boiled water.
Tea sets: teapot of glass.
Amount of tea: a teaspoon of dried safflower petals.
Infusion times: 1-2 times.
Steep Time: about 5 minutes.
Function: Promoting blood circulation, Sanyu pain, help cure amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, lochia not, chest pain, abdominal pain, stasis, chest tingling, bruises, sore throat effect. There is blood circulation, scattered to the swelling of the effectiveness of the wet.


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This strong (but extremely pleasant) tasting tea offers some benefits for your health and wellbeing. Here are the main advantages to drinking safflower tea:

1. Healthier heart. Safflower tea is perhaps most famous for its ability to help lower cholesterol and improve the overall health of the heart. The herb is full of linoleic acid, and it's this fatty acid that contributes to reducing cholesterol in the body, which in turn, prevents heart disease. In fact, in a study conducted by Ohio State University, levels of HDL ('good' cholesterol) in the participants was found to have increased by 14%. According to Dr Martha Belury, who led the study: 'I certainly think it's possible that the risk of cardiovascular problems could be significantly decreased…/…if supplementation were continued'.

2. Improved circulation. Safflower assists with circulation and is often used to treat poor circulation and blood clots. It's also effective when used to ease obstructed menstrual flow.

3. Anti-Inflammatory. It's believed that safflower has anti-inflammatory properties, and can help those suffering from chronic inflammation of the joints, such as arthritis or gout. This is because the tea contributes to flush toxins from the system, and indirectly stimulates the production of hydrochloric acid (that contributes to eradicating uric acid deposit within the body).

4. Easing painful muscles. Safflower tea offers considerable advantage to athletes and sportsmen, as it reduces lactic acid build-up in the muscles, which produces painful cramping.

5. System cleanser. The tea is excellent for those wanting to detox their system as it acts as both a bladder cleanser and a mild laxative, flushing unwanted toxins from the body. It also raises levels of perspiration, which not only rids the body of toxins, but helps to reduce fever.

Xinjiang Safflower Tea Xinjiang Safflower Tea Xinjiang Safflower Tea Xinjiang Safflower Tea Xinjiang Safflower Tea

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