Rose Flower Tea


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Brewing difficulty: Easy.
Best season to taste: Spring.
Origin: Pingyin, Shandong, China.
Shape: beautiful, small, dried pinkish rose.
Liquid: partial or pink.
Aroma: with a pleasant fragrance.
Taste: natural sweet rosy fragrance.
Water temperature: in hot water at 90°c (194°F) to 95°c (203°F).
Tea sets: glass or porcelain pot.
Amount of tea: 3-5g flowers per 300ml of water.
Infusion times: 2-3 times.
Steep Time: 1-3 minutes.


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Product Description

China Ping Yin Red Rosebud Tea

It is hard to believe that this tea is pure rosebuds. Its full rosy taste and aroma match the visual beauty of this tea. Rosebud tea is good for circulation and the heart. It is emotionally balancing and uplifting. Use lightly boiling water. Retains full flavor, even after three washings. Drink soon after pouring to gain the benefit of the essential volatile oils, which are abundant in these buds. This special caffeine free tea should not be overlooked by any connoisseur or caffeine sensitive individual.

This Rosebud tea is made from real rose buds, plucked when they are young and then dried from Ping Yin of China, the town of Roses. It has a natural rosy taste and aroma, making it a lovely and highly enjoyable beverage. The essential oils in Rosebud Tea can help to improve circulation and is good for the heart.

Rose Flower Tea Rose Flower Tea Rose Flower Tea Rose Flower Tea Rose Flower Tea

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