Phoenix Dancong Tea


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Brewing difficulty: General difficulty
Best season to taste: Summer
Origin: Phoenix Town, Chaozhou City, Guangdong Province
Shape: stout strips, straight and uniform, yellow brown with red speckles.
Liquid: golden, clear and bright.
Aroma: lasting fragrance after brewing with a natural fragrance of orchid.
Taste: Mellow, fresh and sweet.
Brewed tea leaves: red edge, bright yellow in the middle.
Water temperature: high temperature.
Tea sets: Red mud teapot or Chaoshan little pot.
Amount of tea: Don’t let the tea overtake the mouth of the pot after infusion.


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Product Description

The origin of the Phoenix Dancong
Long, long time ago, there was a Golden Phoenix under the Mountain of Chao'an County in Guangdong Province who laid two eggs, then the two eggs were hatched into two young phoenixes. These two were super birds. They trained themselves in the mountains and do good things for people. Where there is a disaster, these two phoenixes will appear. Once the two phoenixes appeared, people could live in peace. The villagers loved them very much and named the mountain as “Phoenix Mountain”, thus the tea produced here is called "Phoenix Dancong".
Phoenix Dancong
Phoenix Dancong, also known as Guangdong Narcissus, is a bar-shaped tea. The main production area is Phoenix Mountain of Chaozhou City in Guangdong Province, where the altitude is 1,500 meters. It is misty and humid all around the year with large temperature difference between day and night. The conditions of Phoenix Tea are unique, with abundant rainfall and fertile soil. Thus Phoenix Dancong tea is gifted with the unique quality of "beautiful shape, green color, fragrant scent and sweet taste".
Phoenix tea is divided into Phoenix Dancong, Langcai and Narcissus by quality. Phoenix Doncong is straight, stout and yellow brown, with the fragrance of natural flower. It tastes sweet and mellow. The soup is clear and the tea leaves is green with red. It can be brewed for several times.
Phoenix Dancong tea is harvested and primarily produced by manual or by manual plus mechanical production. It has its “nique charm”. It runs through sun drying, cooling, fixation, rolling and baking. Any mistake in processing may cause degrading the quality to Langcai or Narcissus.
Phoenix Dancong Tea Phoenix Dancong Tea Phoenix Dancong Tea Phoenix Dancong Tea Phoenix Dancong Tea Phoenix Dancong Tea

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