Lavender Tea


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Brewing difficulty: Easy.
Best season to taste: Autumn.
Origin: Xinjiang province of China.
Shape: a rich bouquet of purple flowers.
Liquid: canary yellow.
Aroma: soothing and highly aromatic tea.
Taste: a light and slightly sweet taste.
Water temperature: heat water at 90-95℃.
Tea sets: glass or porcelain pot.
Amount of tea: use 3g flowers per 300ml of water.
Infusion times: 1-2 times.
Steep Time: 5-8 minutes.


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Product Description

Six Powerful Lavender Tea Benefits

1. Eases Headaches and Migraines
If you get headaches or migraines, it's a good idea to have lavender on hand in some form. Lavender calms the nervous system and slows the cardiovascular system down so it can release the constricted blood vessels that end up causing pressure in the head. Sip a cup of lavender tea and rest in a quiet place until the pain is gone.

2. Acts as a Sedative
Lavender's most common use, arguably, is as a sedative to help promote sleep. In a sleep study conducted in 2005 at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut, a test group that inhaled lavender in vials experienced positive changes in their sleep quality, compared to a control group that inhaled the scent of distilled water. Lavender promoted deeper sleep and the test group said they felt more vigorous in the morning. Prepare a potent cup of lavender tea and enjoy the smell of it, sipping slowly so you can benefit from the scent as well as the tea itself.

3. Calms Tummy Troubles
Having some gas issues? Bloated? Feeling nauseated? Lavender tea can help ease these symptoms. The polyphenols in lavender help prevent harmful gut bacteria from developing, which in turn will help stop creation of gas and toxic emissions from said bacteria. This eases stomach discomfort.

4. Calms Nerves
A study published in 2016 in the Iranian Journal of Nursing and Midwifery Research found that regular inhalation of lavender helped 140 women prevent stress, anxiety, and postpartum depression versus a control group that did not inhale lavender. The women were asked to inhale three drops of lavender oil every eight hours for four weeks.

5. Soothes the Skin
Herbal waters have been used for centuries in beauty regimens because they are hydrating and deliver beneficial properties of particular herbs or flowers to skin cells. Rose and lavender floral waters are two of the most popular and healing. Make a batch of potent lavender tea, allow to cool, and then add to a spray bottle. Wash your face, then mist it with the floral lavender water.

6. Cardiovascular Health
Lavender improves your cardiovascular system because it's been shown to lower blood pressure levels and improve blood circulation. If you're on blood pressure medication, don't stop taking it and speak with your doctor first about using lavender as an adjunct therapy. Stress impacts cardiovascular health, particularly blood pressure, so using lavender to calm the nervous system and mind should put less stress on the heart.

Lavender Tea Lavender Tea Lavender Tea Lavender Tea Lavender Tea

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