Kunlun Mountain Snow Chrysanthemum Tea


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Brewing difficulty: Easy.
Best season to taste: Summer .
Origin: Tianshan, Kunlun County, Tibet, China.
Shape: the petals are golden, the ball - shaped stamens brown.
Liquid: the color is amber red.
Aroma: not only the fragrance of chrysanthemums, but also the taste of fine black tea, a delicate fragrance.
Taste: entrance Constantly, sweet mellow, taste extraordinary.
Water temperature: the water temperature should be brewed immediately after boiling.
Tea sets: glass teapot or glazed Gaiwan.
Amount of tea: 3-5 grams.
Infusion times: 5-6 times.
Steep Time: about 1-2 minutes.
Drinking Tips: the first time removes impurities, from the second time to drink.


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Product Description

Snow Chrysanthemum tea is a rare and highly sought after high altitude flower tea from the Kunlun Mountains in Xinjiang province. A 'heavenly' rare flower tea that is grown only in the Kunlun mountains, where low temperatures allow the flowers to grow slowly and acquire more flavor. This results in a dark red brew with delicious flower taste and notes of caramel. Snow Chrysanthemum flower tea contains high amounts of amino acids and proteins, which are beneficial to your health by lowering blood sugar, reducing high cholesterol, and preventing heart diseases. A Teasenz favorite. The tea is picked and sun-dried once a year then hand-sorted into various grades. We offer only the highest grade available!

A lovely tea with strong sweet and spicy flavor, it can be brewed alone or with other teas (like ripe pu-erh). It's a great tea to drink after dinner and has no caffeine. It is thought that properties within the chrysanthemum flower have a calming effect and aids sleep. In the Traditional Chinese Materia Medica Snow Chrysanthemum is described as aiding respiratory fitness, regulating blood pressure and preventing cancer.

Regardless of any health claims this is foremost an enjoyable drink. Try mixing with ripe pu-erh for a lovely gong fu experience!
You need to store this airtight and keep in a cool and dry place to keep it fresh!

Snow Chrysanthemum Tea Origin

This flower, also known as 'Snow Daisy', is produced in the alpine region of the Kunlun Mountains in Xinjiang. This flower tea mainly grows at high altitudes on the cliffs and only blooms once a year in August. Snow chrysanthemum tea is rare because it only has a very short blooming season and a very small yield. It's the only wild Chrysanthemum in the world that grows at high altitudes. This makes this tea really hard to pick, because farmers have to go up the mountains during the harvest season. Thus, it's pricey but definitely worth all the health benefits that you can enjoy while sipping a cup of this flower.

Health Benefits of the Snow Chrysanthemum Tea

Due to 18 kinds amino acids, researchers claim that it can prevent high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar, coronary heart diseases, inflammation, colds, and insomnia when consumed in form of tea. Wild Kunlun snow daisy has been passed down from generation to generation as a Uighur medicinal herbal flower tea.

How to Brew Snow Chrysanthemum Tea

Use water with low hardness and steep this flower tea at boiling temperature. A transparent glass or teapot would be the best to observe the flowers and tea liquor. The tea is ready when the liquor color turns slightly red. Compared to most flower teas, this Snow Chrysanthemum tea can be steeped for many brews, while maintaining its intense mellow sweet taste. To preserve the taste and aroma, store it in a dry and clean place.

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