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  • Red Lily Flower Tea
    Other names for Lily Flower: Oriental Lily, Asiatic lily, Lily Constancy, May Bells, Jacob's Ladder and Male Lily Shape and Color: The lily flower is basically a trumpet shaped flower that is known to be found in various colors such as pink, yellow, red and orange and some varieties of lilies are even known to have a deeper color on their inner petals. Place: These are mostly found in the northern hemisphere, but spread throughout the northern sub tropics too. These are mainly garden plants and culturally very important. The plant easily adapts to various climatic conditions and are easily found in the United States. Nutritional Information and Properties: Dried lilies are a rich source of fiber and also rich in sodium and carbs. Lily bulbs have proteins and starch and also small quantities of iron, calcium, phosphorous, and vitamins B1 B2 and Vitamin C
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  • Rose Flower Tea
    Brewing difficulty: Easy. Best season to taste: Spring. Origin: Pingyin, Shandong, China. Shape: beautiful, small, dried pinkish rose. Liquid: partial or pink. Aroma: with a pleasant fragrance. Taste: natural sweet rosy fragrance. Water temperature: in hot water at 90°c (194°F) to 95°c (203°F). Tea sets: glass or porcelain pot. Amount of tea: 3-5g flowers per 300ml of water. Infusion times: 2-3 times. Steep Time: 1-3 minutes.
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