Dragon Pearl Jasmine Green Tea


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This Dragon Pearl Jasmine Green Tea has a unique shape of a pearl and comes from Chinese province of Fujian. These hand rolled pearls consisted of both leaves and bud. This tea has a sweet flavor with a flowery jasmine aroma. Researchers in Japan found that people who drink green regularly have a lower chance of getting cancer or developing heart diseases. Dragon Pearl is a great tasting healthy tea to drink regularly. We highly recommend it.

Character: The little pearls of tea open up during brewing to release their pale greeny-yellow colour in the water and give a powerful heady aroma of jasmine flowers. The flavour is sweet, smooth, clean and beautifully perfumed.

Brewing Tips: Use a glass or a glass teapot to enjoy the visual beauty of the little pearls opening and floating in the water. Brew 2g (0.07oz) of jasmine pearls in 225ml (8fl oz) water at 87℃ (190℉) for 3-4 minutes.


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Product Description

This splendid green tea, delicately scented with jasmine flowers, is a pure wonder. It comes from the province of Fujian and consists of the plant’s bud and top two leaves, which are then "rolled" by hand into the shape of a pearl. The liquor is very dear, almost crystalline. In the cup, it is the jasmine taste that wins out It is a tea that can be steeped three or four times. It is enough to put a few pearls in the bottom of a bowl and pour hot water over them; the beads open out and the whole leaf appears. After drinking a first infusion, one can simply pour more hot water onto the same leaves and sip the tea throughout the day.

Jasmine teas are produced in Fujian, Jiangsu, Anhui, Hubei, Zhejiang and Sichuan provinces according to tea-scenting techniques that date back more than 900 years. They come as loose-leaf teas and as different-sized spheres. This "pearl" tea is made by tightly rolling fine, tender, green leaves and buds which are then infused with the essence of fresh jasmine blossoms. After scenting, the jasmine flowers are removed, leaving only the jasmine-scented tea pearls.

Dragon Pearl Jasmine Green Tea Dragon Pearl Jasmine Green Tea Dragon Pearl Jasmine Green Tea Dragon Pearl Jasmine Green Tea Dragon Pearl Jasmine Green Tea Dragon Pearl Jasmine Green Tea Dragon Pearl Jasmine Green Tea

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