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Brewing difficulty: General difficulty.
Best season to taste: Autumn.
Origin: Wuyi Mountain, Fujian.
Shape: tight strips, and green, brown and fresh color.
Liquid: orange, bright and clear.
Aroma: lasting aroma, with orchid fragrance.
Taste: mellow taste and durable aftertaste.
Brewed tea leaves: uniform and bright. Red edge or red spots, yellow green brewed tea leaves, and pale yellow veins.
Origin: In general, the tea produced in the region of "36 peaks" "Jiuqu Brook" is mostly authentic.
Packaging: Tin box with wooden lid.
Appearance: The tea looking like a strip in a complete shape in black color is of top grade.
Brewing method: Taste lingers after nine infusions if it is the authentic Wuyi Dahongpao. Otherwise mixed fragrance exists but not aroma after three infusions.
Water temperature: 90℃ - 95℃.
Tea sets: the purple sand teapot, or porcelain pot.
Amount of tea: about 1/ 2 of the tea set.
Infusion times: 6 to 8 infusions.


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Product Description

Wuyi Rock Tea undoubtedly is the most prestigious in China, and the best in Wuyi Rock Tea. And it has the honor of "tea champion". Dahongpao has thick and lasting aroma, mellow sweet flavor, and lingering fragrance. It is reputed as "the King of Wuyi Tea".
Tea about
What is "rock essence"?
"Rock essence" is the exclusive characteristic of Wuyi rock tea's "rock bone floral flavors". "Rock bone" is a mellow flavor and especially lasts long with a deep sense of aftertaste. Because most of the soil of Wuyi Mountain is volcanic conglomerate, red sandstone and shale, in combination with the traditional cultivation and producing process of Wuyi Rock Tea, rock tea is provided with unique "rock flavor".

Da Hong Pao Da Hong Pao Da Hong Pao Da Hong Pao Da Hong Pao Da Hong Pao

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