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  • Yunnan Dianhong
    Brewing difficulty: General difficulty. Best season to taste: Summer. Origin: Lincang, Baoshan, Fengqing, Xishuangbanna, Dehong, etc. in the Southern and Southwestern Yunnan Province. Shape: corpulent and thick buds with golden fuzzes. Black leaves with plenty of golden buds that give a slightly peppery brisk liquor and a pronounced aroma. Aroma: fragrant. Liquid: brilliant red. Taste: strong and thick. Brewing method: Yunnan gongfu tea is suitable for pure drinking. Usually brew the tea with the purple sand teapot. The water temperature of 100 is proper. Mixed drinking method is appropriate for Yunnan black tea. You can add lemon, milk, etc. to relish the tea. Drinking recommendations: Will take a little milk and drinks well as a breakfast or afternoon tea.
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  • Keemun Black Tea
    Brewing difficulty: Gened difficulty. Best season to taste: Winter. Origin: Qimen, Dongzhi, Guichi, Shitai, Qian County of Anhui Province and Fuliang of Jiangxi Province. Shape: strips are long, tight and slender, black and mellow. It is "shinning like a jewel". Liquid: brilliant red and bright. Aroma: lasting fragrant aroma, exactly like the aroma of fruit, and with the fragrance of orchids and honey. Taste: mellow, thick, fresh and cool. Brewed tea leaves: tender and soft, brilliant red and bright. Water temperature: around 100℃. High flush: High flushing water can make the tea leaves full-soaked under the agitating of the water to volatilize the color, aroma and the taste to full degree. Smells: Keemun black tea is recognized as one of the three most fragrant teas worldwide. The aroma is thick and lasting. You can’t miss smelling the aroma if you have a cup of Keemun black tea in your hand.
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  • Jin Jun Mei
    Brewing difficulty: Easy Best season to taste: Autumn Origin: Wuyi Mountain, Fujian Province Shape: slim and tight strips, mostly in black color, slightly golden, with little fuzz. Liquid: golden yellow, crystal and clear. Aroma: There is a natural mixed scent of flower, fruit and honey. The aroma lasts long. Taste: mellow, sweet, cool and smooth, durable alpine charm. Brewed tea leaves: golden needle-liked shape, bronze. Appearance: Jin Junmei’s bud and body bone are small. The dry tea is rather thin and tight. Jin Junmei is made all by manual rolling, thus the shape is slightly curved. Liquid: Mainly orange, clear and bright. The inferior is red, turbid and dark. Brewed tea leaves: fresh, bright and bronze. The inferior is red brown. Tea charm: Jin Junmei is thick, soft, mellow and smooth. It taste not bitter and astringent and is resistant to infusion while the inferior is bitter and without tea charm. Brewing method: middle-putting brewing method is proper. Water: high quality of mountain spring water or purified water is better. Water temperature: 90℃ or so. Tea sets: tall glass is better, so that you can enjoy the fragrance and the beautiful shape of the tea buds stretching in the water. Flushing: in a low-flushing way to avoid the tea soup turning turbid. Brewing times: the real Jin Junmei can be brewed for 8 times at right water temperature and in a proper flushing way.

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  • Lapsang Souchong
    Brewing difficulty: General difficulty, Best season to taste: Summer Origin: Wuyi Mountain, Fujian Province Shape: corpulent and tight strips, red brown color, and uniform luster. Liquid: the top grade is golden and golden circle inside the cup. Aroma: with obvious aroma of pine smoke. Taste: sweet fragrance like longan. Brewed tea leaves: brilliant red color, soft, tender, corpulent and thick. Shape: Superfine Lapsang Souchong black tea is with small bar. The first grade Souchong is with bigger bar while the second grade of Souchong is not as regular bar-shaped as the first grade, with some tea slices. Liquid: The soup is dark yellow. The top grade is with golden ring in the soup. The inferior is light, dark and turbid. Aroma: The superior smells thick and lingering aroma of pine smoke at the bottom of the cup. The inferior has slight odor of pine smoke and it is thin, short and varied. Taste: The superior tastes long and soft while the bad can make people have the choky and throat-cutting feeling. Water temperature: boiling water about 95℃. Tea sets: the purple sand teapot or small pot, and small cup to drink.
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