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Brewing difficulty: Easy
Best season to taste: Summer
Origin: Dongting Mountain on the bank of Taihu Lake, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province
Shape: strips are slender and uniform. It is spiral-shaped like snails and fuzzy, with pekoe revealed. It is green.
Liquid: green and clear, delicious and fluid, with the scents of flower and fruit.
Aroma: fragrant and elegant.
Taste: fresh and sweet.
Brewed tea leaves: soft and green, bright and uniform.
Top-putting brewing method: first put some hot water into a 7/10 cup, and then some tea. The top grade tea such as Biluochun with tight strips and tender is more suitable for brewing in this way.
Water temperature: Biluochun is very delicate, so the water should be cooled down to 80℃, otherwise it will destroy the taste.
Ornamental: Biluochun is of high ornamental value. We can enjoy the sight of brewed tea leaves after infusion.


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Product Description

Dongting Biluochun, the fragrance attracted people who are miles away
Biluochun has a 1,000 year history. According to Casual Watching Record, "The tea growing in Dongting Mountain looks like mustard, is slender, and tastes very sweet and fragrant. And it's named after its extremely strong aroma." When Emperor Kangxi making his southern tour to Dongting, he drank the tea and loved the tea immediately. And he granted the tea the name of Biluochun, taking it from tight knots, being curled like snails and taken in early spring. Since then, Biluochun became a tributed tea and famous all over the world.

Biluochun is second only to West Lake Longjing in China, famous for "beautiful shape, bright color, fragrant scent, and sweet taste". It is mainly produced in Dongting Mountain of Taihu Lake in Jiangsu Province, so it is also called "Dongting Biluochun."

Biluochun, with obvious sprout, is taken in the principle of a bud in a shoot. The bud is white and green leaves are curl. Fake Biluochun is one bud with two shoots, the lengths of the shoots are different, yellow, and the fuzz is mostly seen green but not white.

Tea about
Tea--fruit intercropping
Different from other tea, Biluochun takes the form of tea-fruit intercropping cultivation: staggered with loquat, peach, pomegranate, apricot and other fruit trees. Thus, tea and fruit trees’ branches are connected to each other, and the roots are intricately interlinked. The tea slowly absorbs the incense of flowers and mature fruit, so it will have the natural quality of fruity taste and floral incense.

This is a rare tea that is known all over the world for its snail-like appearance.The bushes grow among peach, plum, and apricot trees so the young leaves absorb the fragrance of the fruit blossoms. Pluckers take only one leaf with each new bud. Leaves and buds are rolled by hand to form tiny snail-like spirals, covered in fine silver hairs. The yellow-green liquor has a unique clean, fresh, slightly sweet flavor. This famous tea comes from two mountains in Jiangsu province known as East and West Dongting. The bushes grow in very humid conditions surrounded by fruit trees and so absorb the aroma of the blossoms in early spring when the tender leaves of the tea bush are just beginning to form. One new bud and one leaf are plucked and processed by hand into neat little spirals that look like tiny snails, The curled leaves are covered in fine white hairs and untwist to give a clear, green to pale golden-yellow liquor that has a wonderfully delicate and fragrant aroma and a clean aromatic flavour.

Drinking recommendations
In the past, many drank this tea alone on very special occasions, not just because of its high price but also for its distinguished quality. But with better distribution chains and mass production, the price of this tea has gone down considerably and has been made more affordable.

Bi Luo Chun Bi Luo Chun Bi Luo Chun Bi Luo Chun Bi Luo Chun Bi Luo Chun

Biluochun in the top-putting brewing method with glass.
Preparation of tea sets / glass, tea props, tea holder, tea basin, and tea towel.
Preparation of water / about 80℃ boiled water after cooling.
Selection of tea / Dongting Biluochun.

1 take tea. Use a teaspoon to put the proper amount of tea leaves into the tea holder.
2 warm cup. Inject a small amount of hot water into the glass, then hand the bottom of the cup, slowly rotate the cup so that the upside and downside of the cup maintain the same temperature, then pour water into the tea basin.
3 inject water. Pour water in the glass to about 7/10 cup.
4 put tea. Put tea with a teaspoon in the tea holder to the glass gently.
5 enjoy tea dance. After absorption of water, Biluochun gradually sink, flying like dance, which is quite enjoyable.

Tea about
1 Much pekoe in Biluochun leads scrambled pekoe in the tea soup.
2 The water temperature at 80℃ is ok. You can estimate the water temperature by hand. Hold the glass with hands for a long time and you can feel hot but not burned. It is about 80℃.
3 Biluochun is made from fresh tea buds, so there is much scrambled pekoe. Experts say "the more tea buds, the higher quality tea". After short time of scrambled pekoe, the tea turns clear and green.

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